Tuesday, 17 September 2013


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Hello hello. Amidst the series of serious rambles in the past week, I am back with some normal shizz on the roll. I feel like I hardly do these posts due to the lack of activities going on which in such case the blog hardly makes sense. But I try. Bear with me guys, December's hitting up pretty soon, so I'll try my very best to capture the best moments in Taiwan just for visual appetite. Let's hope I won't be too busy stuffing my face silly to do so.


Took me ages to get this baby. And believe me, spreeing for huge candles still cost a bomb even after discounts. Shipping was pretty atrocious, but I've heard about B&B candles and always wanted to try. I don't know when I got started on all these scented stuff but I guess I'm pretty hooked. Almost every night it's a routine to pop some essential oils or light a scented candle before bed. Mmm yum. I love a great smell (which also explains my fascination with shitloads of perfume fragrances). But seriously, waiting for shipment is a bitch. Next time I guess I'll stick to Yankee instead.

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It's becoming rather a habit to take selfies at work these days. I swear my desk space is like the best cubby hole ever. Well that aside, this random photo was the day I tried out a new matte gloss hence the need for pictorial evidence. NYX does some pretty good matte glosses, and this is coming from me who never ever wears gloss. To sidetrack for a moment, recently I keep having the urge to cut my hair. Been hiding under this mane for the longest time, and I feel like a change is in order. Something fresh. Maybe not yet, cause I'm such a pussy. In the meantime, I'll be looking at styles before deciding on one. I'm pretty sure it'll happen, it's just a matter of when.


Practically a weekly routine for us. Dinner, coffee and catch ups. We are possibly the weirdest best friends ever cause we're not the cuddly comforting sort, yet we understand each other like no other. I swear this is one of the very rare moments of our camwhore shit, just cause we think we're too 'cool' for it (publicly) HAH.  Tight-lipped besties forever.


Cheat day cheat day! These sort of days make me so happy yet so sad at the same time. Devouring shitload of sin (fatty food) always makes a play at my conscious. Which is weird, cause I usually stick to the healthy stuff on weekdays. Paranoia I call it. Last weekend's brunch session was at Stranger's Reunion. Been harping on it for ages, but the lazy in me can never bring myself to venture to places of certain 'ulu' status. Hidden somewhere about Outram Park, it's still quite a walk from the station. Thank goodness for my great 'Challenger' buddy, transportation was made easy for me. Had to share a long table with four others cause the place was jam packed (even at 4.30 pm). Got cheated by Spam Fries which I thought to be sweet potato fries but alas turned out as fried luncheon meat strips served with Japanese mayonnaise. Not that they were bad (they were  a w e s o m e), but the health freak in me screamed just a little. Buttermilk waffles were really light which I loved, but could've done more with just three measly blueberries. I can't remember my friend's dish, but it was equally awesome. Definitely will be back again someday (hopefully) soon.

We met up with the rest of our usual gang after brunch in town. Desserts (after my dessert) were on the agenda, so we headed to try Paris Baguette to catch the hype. Shaved ice and the royal pudding to share among us. The former came in a huge bowl and was overall alright, just like your typical 'ice kacang' if you call it so. The royal pudding... is it me or it just tastes like melted whipped cream? It was kinda overwhelming for me so I didn't finish it. Not a fan.

Faber Bistro to end the night with wine and talk. Never knew of the place, but it's pretty amazing. Sad that I didn't take a photo cause the view is pretty darn sick. Though only accessible by car, the place is really a great night spot to chill or even for a romantic dinner. Amazeballs. I need to go back again and try the food, and probably capture a picture or two.


Back to basics they say. After a full day out on Saturday, it felt apt to stay home the following day. It was raining most of the day anyway so chilling at home was the only option. Spent the day working up my usual daily sweat and watched videos on my laptop. So happy that Project Runway is back on. I don't care how lame it is cause the shit never gets old for me. Secretly rooting for Dom or Justin, whoopwhoop! Dinner was a hearty nutritious meal cooked by the mothership. After a day of feasting the previous day, some colorful vegetables and salmon was a good call. #eatcleanbeleanandeatthemgreens Burp.

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