Thursday, 24 October 2013

Hellllllllllllllllllllllllllo. Once again, I apologize for my absence. I believe my lack in motivation to type out posts comes on and off, and some times I just poop a whole lot at one go. Well so this is pretty much a rare update after some time, I'll be doing the pooping thing once again if not I'll never get down to it.

So what's up guys?

1) Let's start with a selfie here. Not your everyday #ootd picture, obviously. To prove a point that I have not given up hope on fitness torture, I present you with a random picture taken of newly bought workout wear. Is it just me or fitness wear is just so addictive? Ever since I've been sucked into the fitness hole I've been so into buying more workout clothes. Uh, weird. Especially when I only workout at home and no one can actually see them. But the colors are oh so pretty I sometimes just can't resist. Even while sweating balls, I need to workout in style. Whoop.

2) And here's the contradiction in my next point: FOOD. Food galore never ever stops. Of course, take these in moderation. Fitness is still key and my main motto. Okay I digressed, below we have fantastic sushi rolls and sashimi from The Sushi Bar @ Far East Plaza. So so goooooooooooood. My friend and I ordered seconds for the Aburi Salmon Roll cause they were that good. The queue is a mega pain though, but for the love of Japanese food I'm always in.

Aglio Olio for me at The Garden Slug. Burger for the friend but had to sneak a pic since it was really good too. The Garden Slug is extremely far from home and inconvenient for me, so thank goodness for J's car. I always opt for the 'ulu' makan places whenever I meet him hehe. The Coastal Settlement (another 'ulu' desertion) after for a taste of Bread Butter Pudding and tea. Great hangout, albeit the furthest location ever. Just FYI, I stay in the West, anything North or East is just plain agony for me.

3) Random capture at the Changi Beach Park. Reminds me that my next holiday is coming soon! Not too enthusiastic about the place, but stepping out of town always makes me excited nonetheless. Taiwan, are you ready for me?

4) My gorgeous best friend. It's amazing how we only really got close after Poly days on a random catch up session. Ma chicka. Most weekends have been our usual meet ups, spent indulging on our #cheatdays, shopping way too much, and lounging way too long at Starbucks. We finally got round to trying the raved Antoinette desserts last Saturday, and man do they burn a hole in the pocket. But they were good, no doubt. Funny candid moment when I was attempting to take K's picture and two of the servers stood right behind. Thanks to the grand chairs, she looked all mighty Queen-like. And Queen indeed, because guess who bought a new bag?? Oh these moments always excite me to no end. You need to be just as bag-obsessed to understand. Really.

5) And we end off with a happy family potrait. Manbok with the fambam the other day. Finally tried Korean BBQ the true style and it was really good. Pricey but all so worth it. Camwhore moments as usual, and my mom says we camwhore too much. I wonder where those genes come from, mm?

Tuesday, 15 October 2013


Top & Skirt - Feist Heist // Watch - Michael Kors

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Soooooooo I'm back for a post. And guess what? I've finally chopped my locks! Ah yes, something new is always worth a mention. Change, what better way to start with a new hairdo? After  so many years of growing out my hair (it really takes ages), it suddenly hit me to be bored of it one day and decide for a cut. And not just saying a few inches here dude, I mean the whole done deal. Growing up, I've always been really hair-conscious if you could call it that. As a kid I used to hate my hair so much I would actually cut bits of it which displeased me, impulsively. Of course, nothing good came out of it and my hair was quite in the state of mess back then. I've gone from the poof-iest short hair to obsessively straightened  locks to bowl cut bobs. Today, I've learnt my lesson hard enough to not kid around with it since hair could practically make or break a look. So I've gone safe over the years with medium to long hair, stuck to my usual wavy-ish mussed up ways. Take a look at my narcissistic (good hair day btw) self below.

Getting hair that long does not come easy for me. Somehow my hair takes eons to grow, and this length above was about a year's worth of growth. I last cut my hair late last year and never touched it since. Just last month upon browsing my usual fashion and style sites, I got so stuck on Karlie Kloss' recent bob cut, along with my recent obsession with Miroslava Duma's hair, it just sorta stuck to me that I had to have a haircut too. And not even a slight trim, but a drastic cut instead. So here's the new me down below again, all mighty fierce and fresh from the salon. I did it. I really did it. Patting myself on the back, I took a step to do something that I'm usually fearful of. Yes, even if it's just hair. And I can feel the breeze on my neck without needing to tie my hair. Ah bliss. Next on my list, getting some tongs to have some fun with my new bob. I'm ready for some fun.