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Hi! I'm not dead yet, fear not. I've been....procrastinating. Not to mention some new things having been added to my plate, well let's just say I've been rather focused on it and so the lack of updates of recent. Not much to add, the usual daily knick knacks and stuff. To cut to the chase and make things short, here are some recent updates (which I bothered to capture in digital).

Pink Magnums!! The newly released ones. Not a usual fan of the color pink, but these just sort of struck to me in curiosity. Pink champagne you say? Interesting concept. Not too fond of the fast melting ice cream within though, as I had to eat it in a rush in order for it not to drip onto my floors. Milkiness got a little overwhelming at the end for me, and I really would have preferred a mix of both Pink Champagne and Espresso flavors in one box rather than having to buy them separately. Marketing efforts I know, but really, Magnum ain't exactly the cheapest sort like your good ol' friend Potong Ice.

It was another trip past the borders over one of the past weekends with the fam bam. Woke up way too early just cause my mom needed to head to the bank there, but alas they don't even operate on weekends. Lucky chaps, and just our luck. Spent the whole day just roaming within City Square. We didn't venture beyond since I was super paranoid about the whole recent chaos in JB and still ongoing right now.

And as usual, perhaps we ate a little too much as well. I was so zonked out in the early hours I insisted on a huge cup of Green Tea Latte from Starbucks. Loved that they spelt my name correctly without asking, yessssss. Lunch was at Sakae Sushi which pretty much sucked. And I thought Singapore was bad enough, but the menu in Malaysia is even worse, yikes. Hence, the obvious reason as to why no pictures. Bought the usual favorite bunch of fruits for snacking, and tea time at some cafe which was housing way too many houseflies. I mean seriously? Bitch, please. I decided to bring the gang to Nando's for dinner. Besides seafood and Seoul Garden, Nando's is possibly the next best choice to have when in Malaysia. Prices are half of what it costs in Singapore, duh. Three of us shared the family platter, and all I can say is - too much food. I felt bad after. Though not for long cause the mothership decided to buy me new shoes! Ah such love for aztec prints.

Last weekend my mom and I went to Ikea. I was adamant about devouring the meatballs which have been sorely missed! At the same time I also needed to check out some new shoes for working out at Queensway. You'll see later the awesome pair that I got. On the contrary of the above #foodporn image, I have been working out. Weekends always end up as cheat days. Anyway, more later. Sunday struck me with inspirations to decorate my luggage with stuckers. For one, I think it looks pretty damn cool. Second, it'll be easier to spot the darn monstrosity on arrival belts and save me the effort in scrutinizing each and every grey piece, which is practically everyone else's too.

Finally, reaching a moment to show that I'm not just a gluton whore. Recently I saw some girl's Instagram account, which she featured her journey from obesity to her current slim figure. And all I can say is, she looks amazeballs. She talked about eating healthily and working out towards the healthier look. And apparently she swore by Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred video, which she religiously followed through for a month before slimming down drastically. I googled up loads of posts on the 30 Day Shred regime, and results have looked pretty good to me. And since last week, in attempt to see results for myself, I've been working out everyday following her videos. Basically its a 30 minute workout done every day, starting from Level 1 for ten days, and progressing on to Level 2 and 3 respectively after each ten days. Let's just say, working out in never easy. But thankfully, being obsessed with toning down my ever existent belly combined with determination, I think I'm surviving quite well so far. Not to mention, I don't feel as sleepy and tired everyday as I usually would. I'm now on to day 9 of Level 1, and soon on to Level 2 which looks pretty tough. All the same, I'm hoping to push through all the way. Perhaps I'd have the guts to show some results here when I do haha!

Okay signing off now, and before I do let's not forget to post a self shot just for perks. Okay toodles. x

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