Sunday, 21 October 2012


weekend wind down

Saturday. Buffet lunch with my pal T. For once, I think I ate about enough of my money's worth as I literally puked once and was bursting through the seams. I think I shall pass on buffets for now, I admit I can no longer keep up anymore and (Hello?) a waistline to watch out for. So I chanced on bringing the camera out for a spin this past weekend for some random shots. Incidentally I did quite a fair bit of walking about too so note the random scenery shots here and there. I've come to realize that I always whisk out the cam only for holiday travels and the rare special occasion. I'm not much of a self-shot taker with it (there's Instagram for that, duh), so the cam is usually reserved for the more 'whimsical' and candid pictures. And yes, I love taking photos of my food. Like who doesn't? 

Sunday. Supposedly it was meant to be flea day, which I was half dreading and anticipating at the same time. Anticipation, for the extra dosh for obvious reasons; dread, well basically I'm possibly the world's laziest asshole and I absolutely hate sweating under the sweltering humid heat. Note the shitload of boxes stacked at the back of the car. Yeah, that's 3 boxes and 3 huge bagfuls of stuff, all mine readied to be sold. But, the fucking weather took an absolute turn to pouring rain and the darn flea was cancelled five minutes after the rain came to a drizzling stop. Ugh, just my luck. So instead, I ended up with more food yet again. Thank God for the last minute urge to swim and killing 30 laps. But anyway at this point, I'm getting rather desperate to clear off stuff to fund for my upcoming Japan trip. I mean, braces (blaming the dentist for lousy receptionists) and a long holiday in just a month's span are just about to kill my Chanel's worth of budget. Oh, and have I mentioned that we (Japan travel mates) just finally got the rail pass and Disney tickets? Yep, thats another $556 outta the pocket. -cry gif- These next two months will be an absolute thrifty challenge... OH. And I just bought something off eBay.

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