Wednesday, 10 October 2012


k-drama night

Nothing has been going on much lately. Aside all the usual boredom, I've been mainly engrossed with the latest Korean drama yadayada. I know I know, totally worth the eyeball-rolling, but hey its not called guilty pleasures for nothing, right? Plus, I'm bored and impatiently waiting for the new season of The Vampire Diaries to start and its taking forever, so let me indulge a bit in some Asian tastes (and the Korean guys are cute to say the least).

Anyway, so I just finished these two shows so far, To The Beautiful You and Queen In Hyun's Man. One thing about me with Korean dramas is, it either needs to have Lee Minho in it, or the storyline needs to be so goddamn interesting enough for me to even last 5 minutes into the show. The first show was so-so, your oh-so typical drama fairytale, girl likes boy boy doesn't like girl but ends up liking her and there's some bitch to honor some backstabbing in between but boy ends up with girl afterall the end, full stop. And just to explain, I watched it because it comes close to one of those kiddish Japanese rom-com comic books (I know, back to the eyeball-rolling) back in the day when I was all nerdy and stuff. Cute little characters and giggly bits, but not oh-so impressive, end of story. The latter though, I hadn't even expected myself to last even 2 minutes (I personally hate ancient day dramas). But this one combined both ancient history and modern day times, and just into the first episode and I was instantly hooked, no shit. I usually take my sweet time watching these, but I managed to finish the series in just two days (thanks boss). The unusual storyline, mysterious twists and captivating main casts just did it for me, and not to mention the extremely great on-screen (and now, off-screen too) chemistry. And I always feel bummed when I finish a good show. I mean, I'd rather watch this again than read my Fifty Shades now. Speaking of which, I'm only just slightly on to my third book, but taking forever to finish reading (me and my OCD-ness, I insist on finishing the damn series, just like the Twi-fucking-light movies).

And now, reading back on this post, I feel like such a geek. I've even resorted to writing about K-drama shit. -left brow raised- God I really need a life.

Wait up for Japan pictures, people. (if anyone's even reading)

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