Saturday, 29 September 2012


PHUKET ภูเก็ต

So this is the summary of Phuket done, hoorahrah so glad to be finally done with the edits and uploading cause that task is a bitch. Looking at them, I feel even more passion for travel and photography. Well, not in the professional sense of course -duh-, but there's definitely that satisfaction in taking pictures of the beauty of places. Japan, my third holiday for this year (!!), will be my next project that I look forward to. So fast, another year is soon coming to an end. Man, time sure flies by.

So it's my second time here, so I'm pretty much familiar with the area what with the previous trip still fresh in memory. Of course, the popular area is possibly only Patong, as well the most crowded place. To be honest, the trip was pretty fucked from all the constant raining. We didn't do Phi Phi Island nor any sea sports as planned. I actually really wanted to try parasailing this time round, given that I'd missed it the first trip to Phuket and in Bali. Damn the rain. So we pretty much just lounged about most of the time, hidden under shelters from the wet and cold. Three days of massages left me feeling quite bruised on the way home, but no regrets dude, the massages are way cheap there to miss. McDonald's there has tuna pies instead of apple, and they were really good. Well hey, I like anything tuna (minus maguro). So yeah, they should really bring it over to Singapore, so good. Can't forget my oysters too. Amazingly, I managed to remember the really cheap and good eatery place the last time I came, and the oysters were argued down to 30bht per piece. We went back for seconds on our last day before the flight home. And yes well, I fell sick shortly after, again. Phuket must have the fever curse on me, cause I never fail to fall sick after coming back from there.

Anyway, pictures here we go.

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