Tuesday, 18 December 2012



Today marks the last working day of 2012 for me. And the last blogging that I'll be doing till I return from my trip early next month.

Okay, so wait for it -

Pop some bottles of champagne people, because the day has finally arrived for me to embark on my next adventure -grins widely with full metal mouth in display- . From the day we paid for our air tickets, excitement has had no bounds. And let me just say this, believe it or not,  I'm pretty sure that I've also possibly gone through 80% of Google's search list on recent blog posts on Japan travelogues. Yes, I kid you not, I am that thrilled kiddos. But of course, experiencing the real deal and tastes is a whole different matter, one which I will be living in less than 24 hours. Yessssssssah.

Soon enough I'll be back (well I hope it doesn't need to be that soon really, but reality sucks anyway), bursting and no longer fitting my clothes. Pleasssssssse Santa, all I really ask for is to NOT gain the pounds.

So for now its just goodbye then, till we say hello again.

But before we do, some thoughts on the passing year and sidetracking to leather on leather action today.
Leather Peplum Top & Leather Skirt - Taobao // White Blazer - Feist Heist
Necklace - Twentyeightlane // Snakeskin Flats (unshown) - Taobao

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays people!

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