Sunday, 6 April 2014


Hong Kong Diaries

Has the last post been more than a month ago already? Damn how time flies. Already it's yet again hitting mid-year and soon enough we'll be singing Christmas carols again. And no surprise I'm back to being bad at updating this space. Well I hardly ever really have much to update anyway, but sometimes it feels good to jot something down (if I could even bother in the first place).

So back to how have I been, tired (surprise, surprise), lazy (!) and unhealthy (!!). I just came back from a short trip from Hong Kong last month just fyi, and damn was I pooped after the trip. I never understand why, but somehow I always get tired out by Hong Kong no matter what. I don't get how girls can stand walking on them streets for hours in killer heels, and there I am in flat boots and wailing every ten seconds in pain. I know I'm vain and insist on fashion over comfort, but flat boots aren't much right? I guess I'm just getting old, and walking for hours non-stop is just no longer my forte. This trip was still pretty chill though, and I ate a lot. Way too much perhaps. But hey, food (and weather) was pretty much all that I looked forward to for this short getaway. May is coming up soon and I'm sure I'll be gorging on some Korean delicacies to no end, so perhaps a good juice cleanse should be on the cards when I get back then. My body sure needs so serious detoxing, no joke there.

I'll be honest to say that I was pretty unprepared for this trip. The last round I came two years back, the weather was the pretty breezy sunny type. So I assumed that it'd be the same and packed light. And man, was I wrong. The first blast of cold air stepping out of the airport was a jolly smack in the face really. It was was about 15 degrees with strong wind, so I was literally freezing my ass off. In the end I had to pack on the layers with what I brought, and I felt like a dumpling. Hong Kong's unpredictable weather got me good there. Which also explains the lack of pictorial visuals, cause I was either too cold, too tired or too busy stuffing my face.

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