Thursday, 16 May 2013


mother's day

Mother's Day last weekend. My family and I mistook the dates and had assumed the previous week instead. But all's good. We ate, we laughed. My family never really dines out except for the odd yearly occasions. The past few celebration meals have been the usual 'zi char' food you get at hawker centres and I kind of got sick of those. I've been trying to stir a change in that despite a heavier poke to the wallet. Bringing the fam to try some new places instills a little more excitement I suppose, and thus far my choices have been agreed upon. So for Mother's Day dinner, I brought the girlies to my favorite Japanese restaurant, Sushi Tei. Okay so I cheated a little, I have 20 percent off for the month for my membership and incidentally birthday month, but hey I love the place. Couldn't resist a few bites of ice cream after, so I dragged the lot to Island Creamery. I've since been a convert, love love love the flavors. Pulut Hitam, Burnt Caramel, Jia Jia and whatnots, yum. If only ice cream didn't add on the damned calories...

Last week was the actual occasion, and at last minute the youngest sis and I decided to bake a cake for the fun of it and also for mom as part of the celebration. Turned out pretty much like brownie in the end, and the cake cracked a lot hence the crumbling. The picture does the real thing a whole lot more justice (thank you photo-editing apps), trust me. But still, they turned out really chocolate-y and good if I say so myself. Sometimes the ugliest stuff makes the best sort of food. I'm pretty interested in all this baking shit at times, but its really just the calories that stop me from doing it. Sulk.

Things have been kinda different now at home. Mom talks a lot more often and I've learnt to appreciate her more. Sure, I still have my odd frustrated tantrums thrown about, but I try to hold it in more now. I see how life has been unfair to her in many ways, and I try to understand that. And I try to offer and contribute at times too. I just secretly hope mom will meet a really rich and nice old dude and be happy for the rest of her life HAHA. I kid I kid. Or maybe not.

Yeah, love you too mom.

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