Thursday, 4 July 2013


eyes eyes

Oh here we go with another self shot. Oops. Please pardon the awkward hand pose, I was kind of uninspired at that moment. Smiling as my picture is, I'm actually feeling pretty annoyed right now. Well anyway, just to explain the worn look, this morning I accidentally tore my left contacts and was left half blind. Trust my luck seriously. Thank goodness for home being so near work, I rushed home to change into frames before rushing back to the office. Worst thing though, those were just a month old (my lenses have a one-year span but I usually wear them for just six months) and my very last pair (!!!). Fucking fuck fuckery. I was only just about to purchase my next two (in grey) sets next month. What utter bad luck. I really need to smack something right now. ROAR.

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