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visual diary: bangkok

So it seems like I've finally come round to finishing another set of photos! Well actually, there weren't many for this trip, since I did mention that I was either too busy shopping, carrying, eating or sweating. But whatever that I took (which I made sure to filter to be pleasing to the eyes too hah!), here they are. Anyway I'm pretty sure the rest of Singapore is much more familiar with the streets of Bangkok than I'll ever be, it's like second home to many of us, so I don't even need to explain much. Just look and see.

Like I said, Bangkok is a pretty amazing place. Albeit never in favor of the dirty streets, air nor local cons, the place has its charm of itself. The last time I went was probably three years ago, and all I did back then was to follow the group around. Nothing really appealed to me back then, but then again I was rather young (still am young at heart I hope!) and unappreciative of most things. So after years of hearing countless raves for The Land of Smiles, I decided to give it another go, this time round with the best friend. Not to mention, Thai food (spicy shit and all that crap) is one of my favorite types of delicacies.

Before this trip I made sure to read up on some information about the place. I'm pretty sure ever since Japan happened, I've been in this super OCD mode when it comes to planning overseas trips. I'm determined to make sure that I list down all the places I need to go to and all the food I need to devour. Bangkok is simple enough, the tough part was 1) making sure not to be conned by the cab drivers 2) making space in me to fit shitloads of food. Oh well, we tried. We took Thai Airways this trip, and you have no idea how excited I was to be flying by a normal airline. Not that I haven't in my life, but it's definitely been some time, and the luxury was liberating even for the short two hours. Meals served on board weren't too bad, or maybe because I was overwhelmed with excitement. I was like a kid in a candy shop, really. Embarrassing.

Touched down close to ten and took a cab to the hotel, Glow Pratunam. I don't know why, for I'd assumed that cabs at the airport run by the meter with the added toll fee whatnot. Ours didn't, though the total charge was 400bt. Thankfully, no jam whatsoever. We were allowed to check-in early, and check out the room! Huge, bright and clean, just that way I like'em. Dropped our goods and headed out, first stop at Platinum since it was just opposite us. Lunch at the foodcourt (like everyone else), which I had a slight turmoil in deciding what to have. We ended up choosing Phad Thai (no one ever leaves Thailand without Phad Thai yo), fried oyster egg (oily as hell but so so good) and Kway Chap. Added on with an extra waffle in rum and raisin which I found too sweet for liking. This was all after the meal we had on flight just two hours before. Holy shit. Anyway we made up with exercise by combing the lanes of Platinum Mall. Spent hours just looking through shop after shop, till my legs were crying. We didn't do too bad on the first day, but I've seen worse. Dinner was at MK Restaurant, Central World. Needed to try the famed roasted duck, and man was it good. Nothing much can be said about the rest though, pity. It was a drizzly night, and we were pretty beat, so we headed back for an early night. I can't believe we forgot the option of a massage there and then. My legs were absolutely killing me and ached the whole night and the next day, what a dumbass.

Next day was up and early for Chatuchak. Can't believe I woke up before my alarm went off every single morning. I must be getting really old, weird body clock. Anyway we needed to hail a cab there and had to argue with those who tried to con us. One agreed to run by meter, but I was smart enough to ask if he was planning on a stopover at some time-wasting shop, which he did intend too. I was pretty adamant that we would not stop anywhere, cheating scums. While arguing, I made sure to keep one leg out (don't ever shut the door until you're confirmed on taking the cab) hah! We forgo-ed the trickster and walked further ahead to ask other cabs. One finally agreed to run by meter and no stopover. At first we were pretty worried if he'd cheat us still by some other, but turns out he was a darn honest driver, and for that the dude earned some tips from us. We're generous to the ones who deserve it, that I'll say. Though holy hell, Chatuchak was blazing hot. Sun beating straight down on you is no laughing matter, and that I earned a slight tan. But I was extremely pleased to have found the ever famous coconut ice-cream and chicken noodle soup! Good food makes me happy, especially when you're dying from dehydration, exhaustion and raging hunger. Didn't buy much at all, but the food was a good score. Off to Union Mall next, but nothing interesting as usual. Had a quick bite (again!) at Greyhound Cafe which I've been meaning to try. The pasta was so so good. Thinking of it makes me burn with yearn for food. Finally got my nails done at MBK (pretty bad though cause the dude made my finger bleed), which weren't exactly cheap but I was desperate so there. 

That night I had determinedly planned for clubbing. So many raves about Route66, I just needed to check it out for myself. Another honest cab driver dropped us off at RCA. Indeed such a good idea. The place is absolutely huge, with a fantastic space inside and smoking zone on the outer with the clear music pounding from indoors. Old school R&B and Hip Hop never gets old. Not to mention the restrooms are fucking dope. Didn't manage to take pictures for the night, but you'll need to check it out yourself. I want to live there, seriously.

Apparently most clubs in Bangkok end the night at two. Lucky for us, cause we wanted to stay for the good music but had to get up so early the next day. We woke up and headed for the famous Wanton Mee just along the street beside our hotel. It was literally like being back in Singapore, basically cause practically everyone there was Singaporean. Even the staff there speak fluent Chinese, possibly better than mine. Noodles were good, but the portions are unbelievably small. I could've finished with five takes. No wonder the Thais are so slim, really. Ordered extra pig intestines and they were awesome. Chewy, tender, dopeass.

Erawan Shrine after brunch. I could've sworn it was the most torturous scorching moment of my life there. Non-sheltered, the sun was beating down so hard on us you have no idea. I literally could've sweated a bottle of water there. Melting make up, not cool. Black Canyon iced latte saved my life. I need some NOW. 

Dinner on the last night was at T&K Seafood. It was pounding rain that night, so cabs were definitely a hard call. Negotiated 150bht each way to and fro Chinatown. Sadly, I reckon my throat was really acting up by then by all the hot and heavy shit I was taking in, so dinner didn't go down too well that night. I definitely need to go back to give the place another try again.

Oh boy what a stupendously long ass post. Didn't even expect myself to type that much.  Oh well. Bangkok was good, I'm glad for the second chance to taste the beauty of that place. Scored myself some pretty awesome deals too. You don't want to know how much I spent just at Big C alone, and I was estastic to have finally chanced upon my absolute favorite Sour Ice Breakers. My loves. Oh, and I got my hands on the Jo Malone scents at the Suvarnabhumi Airport enroute home, so much cheaper than in Singapore stores. Score.

Okay I'm done with this, I'm out. Bangkok, till we meet again! I'm sure, soon. xx

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