Saturday, 30 November 2013

Today was one of those days that struck as a bad day. Not the worst kind, but none the pleasant anyway. On usual days I could be easily annoyed by any other thing but take a few minutes I pretty much forget anything ever happened. But typically when something strikes a nerve, I kinda go all out on the fuse.

So today:

1) I get a call from some beauty & body care centre called Body Contours. They usually call up randomly once in a blue moon to promote stuff. Today was one the days a call was due perhaps. So this Filipino lady speaks to me in some way slang-ed English which is barely comprehend-able. I hear the name Body Contours and know its some telemarketing call. Instead of wasting both people's time by waiting till the full round of promotion speech ends, I try to interrupt to say the standard reply of that I'm not interested. And guess what? The lady hangs up on me, just like that. Now I tend not to be rude to telemarketers as much as I can unless they push for it, but with the other way just takes it to another level. I am not happy, and I'm ready to be a bitch about it. Let's cut the story short and see below.

Get my point? I don't even care for a compensation or follow up reply, I just want to let them know that their people suck at manners. And that I'm brilliant at providing a catty feedback if I'm bothered to. Talk about motivation huh.

2) It rained real hard today. After I left home. Without an umbrella. D a m n  i t. I had to rush for two beauty appointments today, so I was stuck on braving the rain without cover. There had actually been a kind young dude who offered his brolly (he was heading towards the train station) to anyone. I am pretty sure he gestured to me first since I was right in front of him, but some aunty rushed forward to snatch it from him before I could grab it from him. Seeing that she had a fat kid in tow, I would concede defeat. But she'd been rather rude about it, so that I'm not happy about it either way. Just another day and reason why I hate people sometimes.

3) Like I said, it pretty much rained all day. And I hate rain. I really really hate you rain. (except when I'm curled up in sleep)

4) Met up my mom at Jem after my appointments  for dinner and some shopping. We needed to get a new oven since the old one was pretty much a goner. We ended up getting one from Courts, and the package was huge. And kinda heavy too. So I offered to pay for a cab home instead of lugging the damn thing home. What better way to end the day with some grumpy old cab driver? Tell me about it, cause the old dude barely muttered a single word from start point to destination. No asking of where to, and not even a word of 'thanks' or 'welcome' after I paid for the fare. And I said thank you nonetheless. What a bloody old fart. I probably should've asked him to go get laid cause he sure looked like he hadn't. I mean, what is wrong with people here? And we feign surprise at being told that Singapore has the most miserable people around. Look around, there are too many aplenty.

And that sums up my Saturday. Next time maybe I'll just stick to home with junk food instead.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

As much as I would love to update this space regularly as I thought when I started this, it's pretty evident how uninteresting life is right now and more so, how much of a lazy bum I can be. I know I mention this excuse in pretty much 80% of my posts, but....I just thought to mention again anyway. It is the truth (sadly) after all. Oh, but I did bake some Peanut Butter Crisp Cookies (via SortedFood) over the past weekend. Didn't exactly turn out the way I wanted them to, and I was bummed out by the lack of taste of crisps (calories for nothing!), but they'll make do. Attempting to bake something was something off my bucket list, so there you go. I'm typically lazy, remember? Don't judge.

Anyway, digressions aside I have some exciting updates (at least for me) to share. Aside from the festive moods, we are finally approaching the month of December. Like, f i n a l l y. Another end to another year. Not that I'm too eager to approach my mid-life crisis so soon, but sometimes you just need things in life to happen to keep you going, y'know? Some updates I have planned up to keep me sane:

1) I'm attending ZoukOut this year! Nothing majorly exciting, though it is sort of my first time going to a rave sooooooooo I'm kinda stoked about it. Another tick off the bucket list, yippee! Too bad Avicii won't be performing and I'm bummed out that I missed his set earlier this year. I'm making sure I go for his next one when he's back.

2) Mentioned this a gazillion times already but still, Taiwan trip is coming up real soonnnnnn. Still not hyped about the place I don't get why, but I'm just really eager to step out of SG soil for a breather. I'm hoping damn hard that I don't binge too hard there, cause working out is sooooooo hard. Looking forward to the cool weather but hopefully I don't freeze my ass off like I did in Japan last year (bbbrrrrr). And and and, I'm so gonna hate packing my luggage I already know it.

3) I think I already mentioned this a few posts back, but I'm heading to Korea next May. Alone. Whoooooo FISTPUMP! Booked my direct flights with Asiana Airlines. And I've been doing research so hard these days and I'm super stoked about a solo (Seoul-o, get it?) trip. First attempt to many more I hope. I actually thought of visiting Vietnam too at some point, but I still haven't laid out plans for the next year especially if I plan on switching jobs (UGH). So yeah, baby steps for the time being.

4) And impromptu decision, but I am heading to Hong Kong in March. Exactly two years then since I'd last been to the land of dim sum. Didn't think I'd be that much enthusiastic about the place since I've been there twice already, but I've already noted down a list-load of places I need to visit once back there. First off, Ichiran!!!!!! Holy moly you have no idea how much I miss my utmost favorite ramen from Japan. Hong Kong is fucking lucky to have it there now cause I am jealous. So duh, it'll be a must to head there. Missing my favorite Australia Dairy Company breakfast too, mmm scrambled eggs yum. Haven't tried Tim Ho Wan in SG yet either, so if I don't by then, well what better way to try it authentic Hong Kong style then? Bangkok's famous and cool Greyhound Cafe is there too, so I'm eager to taste some amazing pasta again. And not forgetting, stuffing myself senseless with awesome dim sum, true blue HK style.

Not too bad a way to end off the year, eh. I guess I'm kind of an OCD so I like things to be planned out some way or another, and having two trips up my sleeve already does seem like a promising start for now. And I may even plan a trip up to KL for a weekend just to meet up old mates and check out the place again. Can you believe that it's been 12 years since I left there? How time flies. Still unsure on the job front (zzz) but I'm gonna see how it goes after CNY at least to make plans. I really have tons to think over about. Need to stop and figure out where I'm headed. Ah, so much to do, and so little time (& money). The year had better end with a bang.

Monday, 25 November 2013


And tadaaaaa, Christmas is coming! Whoop whoop! Ah, my all time favorite season of the year. Let's be real, such festivities should really be here all year round to keep the moods on high, oui? I should think so. Eat too much, drink too much and spend too much. Okay so my family isn't exactly into all that celebration and gift giving activities and whatnot, but hey it's still a time to appreciate the holidays and look forward to the start of another new year, yeah? This year round, the eve of Christmas will definitely be spent with the family for a meal before I fly off to Taiwan for the long holiday. I'm stoked about what mom's gonna be cooking up (or rather I'll be demanding the choice of dishes), and I'm definitely excited about leaving the country for a break. The timing couldn't be better.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Ah, just your average everyday selfie in the office. Perhaps my usual favorite past time, especially good when you have well hidden cubby holes to perform camwhoring activities hehe.

Today I was feeling rather chirpy, so that probably explains the whole lot going on here. Dangling earrings, sequinned cardigan over a polka dot shirt, and topped off with a bright orange lip. I've been really into the bright lips lately, more so with the orange-y tones. Though I should probably cut down on the lipstick shopping, kinda getting outta hand here. One mouth, a shitload of lippies. Whoops.

Friday, 1 November 2013

I've always been one to think and ponder about things, necessary or unnecessary. Sometimes it just feels good to drift off a little and wonder about things out of the norm. Lately has just been another one of those days, sit think and ponder. Work has always been pretty chill, so that leaves me with ample time aside to do my own stuff. Digressing a little here, but don't you think the internet is the best thing ever invented in this world? Well I do. I pretty much spend most of my time on it anyway. Daytime at work, night time at home, anytime on mobile, I'm always on it. People get sick of looking at the computer 5 days a week, but I clearly don't. Such a closet geek. I'd like to consider it my holy grail sometimes, well at least Google is. Too much information beholds, and answers to many more; I could spend hours just surfing endlessly.

Anyway, enough sidetracking - the point of mentioning all that had an explanation. The fact that I spend so much time surfing about everything that could be anything, it has basically opened up a whole lot of information to me just by doing so. Probably with my constant obsession with Tumblr, it struck to me most recently to do some changes in my life. The first thought was to jump on the fitness bandwagon. What better time than now? And thankfully enough, I've managed to sustain till now after two months or so of hard work. Reading up on loads of information online has helped, but I suspect Tumblr is the real reason to my motivation. I mean, have you seen the hot bods posted there? I don't plan to stop yet, and I hope it never does.

Okay, so back to my thinking pods again. What's always been on my mind ever since being single two years ago was the thought of being alone. I'd always been that reliant and sticky girl who needed attending to, so suddenly being single back then scared me a little albeit refreshing.
It seems to me that the years between eighteen and twenty-eight are the hardest, psychologically. It’s then you realize this is make or break, you no longer have the excuse of youth, and it is time to become an adult – but you are not ready.

Panic attack. Who was I to lean onto? Who could I rely on? Friends around were coupling up themselves and making future plans, and I was back to square one. It was daunting but pretty soon I managed to pick up that independence was liberating all the more. I'm still young, and there's really too much more to see. But there was just one thing. I struck with the travel gene ever since I stepped out of Singapore soil onto Hong Kong gravel (I'd been to other places before but hadn't been as enthusiastic, weirdly), and it's always been an obstacle in me to travel more cause I never seem to be able to find that travel 'companion' to do so. And then, one day while surfing travel blogs (which I dedicate a lot of my time to) it suddenly struck to me that I've been getting it all wrong this whole while. I didn't need a companion to travel across the globe, and I certainly don't need one now either. I'll admit that I'm one of those pussies who tend to worry about everything, and I equally abhor the thought of travelling with backpacks. With those two in mind, I suppose it's been enough to stop me from experiencing the wonders in life. Back on topic, while I still may not have yet to take in the idea of backpacks, I've decided that a solo trip to somewhere could be a good start anyway. The idea in mind: Seoul, the land of Kimchi. Despite my occasional K-drama moments and gushes over beautiful (note the word: beautiful) men, I've gone back and forth on my thoughts of South Korea. An assumption that with just kimchi, cosmetics, and an obsession with plastic surgery, somehow the place has never really took to me much enough to warrant a bad need to visit. Though, I had thought the same with Japan and look how enthralling it turned out to be for me.
The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
-Lao Tzu

I know I know, Seoul is probably one of best modern cities around and with great transportation systems, it's hardly called much. But baby steps y'know? And I'm hardly ready to backpack through Europe, yet. I plan to take it slow, plus I still need to keep my job to save up more money. As I type this I have already started planning, basically since there's no time to lose. Blogs are always the way to go, and I'm so excited cause I've even pick an awesome hostel for my stay. The next step would be to monitor the air ticket prices like a hawk so that I can snag a good deal. A solo trip, me! I know that I'll probably be scared to my wits by then, but already it feels like it's going to be an amazing experience. Being alone in another foreign land, with people who don't speak your language, and forced to deal with myself, what better way to learn some life lessons from that? To that I say, challenge accepted.