Saturday, 30 November 2013



Today was one of those days that struck as a bad day. Not the worst kind, but none the pleasant anyway. On usual days I could be easily annoyed by any other thing but take a few minutes I pretty much forget anything ever happened. But typically when something strikes a nerve, I kinda go all out on the fuse.

So today:

1) I get a call from some beauty & body care centre called Body Contours. They usually call up randomly once in a blue moon to promote stuff. Today was one the days a call was due perhaps. So this Filipino lady speaks to me in some way slang-ed English which is barely comprehend-able. I hear the name Body Contours and know its some telemarketing call. Instead of wasting both people's time by waiting till the full round of promotion speech ends, I try to interrupt to say the standard reply of that I'm not interested. And guess what? The lady hangs up on me, just like that. Now I tend not to be rude to telemarketers as much as I can unless they push for it, but with the other way just takes it to another level. I am not happy, and I'm ready to be a bitch about it. Let's cut the story short and see below.

Get my point? I don't even care for a compensation or follow up reply, I just want to let them know that their people suck at manners. And that I'm brilliant at providing a catty feedback if I'm bothered to. Talk about motivation huh.

2) It rained real hard today. After I left home. Without an umbrella. D a m n  i t. I had to rush for two beauty appointments today, so I was stuck on braving the rain without cover. There had actually been a kind young dude who offered his brolly (he was heading towards the train station) to anyone. I am pretty sure he gestured to me first since I was right in front of him, but some aunty rushed forward to snatch it from him before I could grab it from him. Seeing that she had a fat kid in tow, I would concede defeat. But she'd been rather rude about it, so that I'm not happy about it either way. Just another day and reason why I hate people sometimes.

3) Like I said, it pretty much rained all day. And I hate rain. I really really hate you rain. (except when I'm curled up in sleep)

4) Met up my mom at Jem after my appointments  for dinner and some shopping. We needed to get a new oven since the old one was pretty much a goner. We ended up getting one from Courts, and the package was huge. And kinda heavy too. So I offered to pay for a cab home instead of lugging the damn thing home. What better way to end the day with some grumpy old cab driver? Tell me about it, cause the old dude barely muttered a single word from start point to destination. No asking of where to, and not even a word of 'thanks' or 'welcome' after I paid for the fare. And I said thank you nonetheless. What a bloody old fart. I probably should've asked him to go get laid cause he sure looked like he hadn't. I mean, what is wrong with people here? And we feign surprise at being told that Singapore has the most miserable people around. Look around, there are too many aplenty.

And that sums up my Saturday. Next time maybe I'll just stick to home with junk food instead.

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