Thursday, 28 November 2013

moving on

As much as I would love to update this space regularly as I thought when I started this, it's pretty evident how uninteresting life is right now and more so, how much of a lazy bum I can be. I know I mention this excuse in pretty much 80% of my posts, but....I just thought to mention again anyway. It is the truth (sadly) after all. Oh, but I did bake some Peanut Butter Crisp Cookies (via SortedFood) over the past weekend. Didn't exactly turn out the way I wanted them to, and I was bummed out by the lack of taste of crisps (calories for nothing!), but they'll make do. Attempting to bake something was something off my bucket list, so there you go. I'm typically lazy, remember? Don't judge.

Anyway, digressions aside I have some exciting updates (at least for me) to share. Aside from the festive moods, we are finally approaching the month of December. Like, f i n a l l y. Another end to another year. Not that I'm too eager to approach my mid-life crisis so soon, but sometimes you just need things in life to happen to keep you going, y'know? Some updates I have planned up to keep me sane:

1) I'm attending ZoukOut this year! Nothing majorly exciting, though it is sort of my first time going to a rave sooooooooo I'm kinda stoked about it. Another tick off the bucket list, yippee! Too bad Avicii won't be performing and I'm bummed out that I missed his set earlier this year. I'm making sure I go for his next one when he's back.

2) Mentioned this a gazillion times already but still, Taiwan trip is coming up real soonnnnnn. Still not hyped about the place I don't get why, but I'm just really eager to step out of SG soil for a breather. I'm hoping damn hard that I don't binge too hard there, cause working out is sooooooo hard. Looking forward to the cool weather but hopefully I don't freeze my ass off like I did in Japan last year (bbbrrrrr). And and and, I'm so gonna hate packing my luggage I already know it.

3) I think I already mentioned this a few posts back, but I'm heading to Korea next May. Alone. Whoooooo FISTPUMP! Booked my direct flights with Asiana Airlines. And I've been doing research so hard these days and I'm super stoked about a solo (Seoul-o, get it?) trip. First attempt to many more I hope. I actually thought of visiting Vietnam too at some point, but I still haven't laid out plans for the next year especially if I plan on switching jobs (UGH). So yeah, baby steps for the time being.

4) And impromptu decision, but I am heading to Hong Kong in March. Exactly two years then since I'd last been to the land of dim sum. Didn't think I'd be that much enthusiastic about the place since I've been there twice already, but I've already noted down a list-load of places I need to visit once back there. First off, Ichiran!!!!!! Holy moly you have no idea how much I miss my utmost favorite ramen from Japan. Hong Kong is fucking lucky to have it there now cause I am jealous. So duh, it'll be a must to head there. Missing my favorite Australia Dairy Company breakfast too, mmm scrambled eggs yum. Haven't tried Tim Ho Wan in SG yet either, so if I don't by then, well what better way to try it authentic Hong Kong style then? Bangkok's famous and cool Greyhound Cafe is there too, so I'm eager to taste some amazing pasta again. And not forgetting, stuffing myself senseless with awesome dim sum, true blue HK style.

Not too bad a way to end off the year, eh. I guess I'm kind of an OCD so I like things to be planned out some way or another, and having two trips up my sleeve already does seem like a promising start for now. And I may even plan a trip up to KL for a weekend just to meet up old mates and check out the place again. Can you believe that it's been 12 years since I left there? How time flies. Still unsure on the job front (zzz) but I'm gonna see how it goes after CNY at least to make plans. I really have tons to think over about. Need to stop and figure out where I'm headed. Ah, so much to do, and so little time (& money). The year had better end with a bang.

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