Wednesday, 14 November 2012


last weekend

Picture post. I look forward to weekends purely for food. And, its always good to have a good pal to share the carbs load, eh? Ever since I started my healthy regime and diet phase a year ago, its always about keeping to the limits. Girls with naturally slim bods, lucky you. Girls with naturally slim bods yet complain the shitload of bull about being fat, gimme a break and have a cheeseburger then and cut the crap. Keeping fit and maintenance is no easy business, and whilst I'm not the best workout pro there is, I do whatever that keeps me fit enough and most of all, keeps me happy. I do my usual swims every week and keep to healthy meals throughout the weekdays. And when the weekend comes, holla! I have my taste of bliss. Brunch/all-day breakfasts are my favorite kind, and what else but to savor those soft and fluffy pancakes or waffles loaded with maple syrup? Bring on the sugar. After all, I couldn't have grown up in Canada without indulging in their famous maple syrup goodies. Delish. Anyway I'll cut the crap now and let the pictures do the talking. Indulge, my friends. Indulge indeed.

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