Sunday, 4 November 2012


hairy situation

Finally got round to getting my hair done over the weekend. God how I hate roots peeking out for the world to see, definitely not a good look. This time round I brought my mom along to get hers done too, a rare pampering chance for her since she hardly does anything to her hair and has been only rebonding it for the past ten years, certainly time for a new change. I did my usual of course, color and cut. I was pretty set on getting black but Zoe, my stylist, always refuses to do so for me. So much for channeling the Leigh Lezark look. Anyway I did go darker than the usual, and boy do I hope it lasts just cause I'm really sick of bright hair issues now and I just want some healthy looking hair. Had some length cut off too, so its sort of like a shoulder length wavy bob now, if you get what I mean. I hope the length will grow up well till my trip next month. Yes, I always need smashin' hair for pictures. 45 more days to go, yes to that baby!

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