Wednesday, 31 October 2012



Halloweezy. Mookata on the Friday holiday. Frankly, overpriced for the amount of food's worth and nothing too special in taste either, at least not enough to entice me back for another round. Saturday -- urgh don't even get me started on the whole USS Halloween shit. The event was so badly managed and an absolute time waster. The only credit I'd give would be the great layout and efforts in themes, but other that it  was a 99% standing-and-waiting experience for me, and I absolutely hate waiting. On the bright side, I finally managed to take the Transformers ride (after another fucking sore hour's wait) for the first time, which is good so that I probably won't be so eager to return to USS so soon just for it cause I can't stand all that waiting stuff going on. But of course, at least some good food managed to soften the blow of the day. Canadian pancakes, mm sooooo good. Well okay, the syrup wasn't too distinguished and I don't even eat jam, but the fluffiness and crsip of the pancakes were enough to make me swoon. I'm a waffles and pancakes with maple syrup sorta girl. A Canadian having it Canadian style.

Don't be fooled, hardly what you'd call a feast here. Oh, and check out the generous pieces of lard, enough to burst those arteries and have your cholesterol screaming. 

Intense obsession with yogurts lately. 

Wild Honey brunch, so good. I love me some all-day breakfast.

Insane crowds, insane waiting.

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