Thursday, 18 October 2012



Yakuza Moon. So work's been pretty mundane of late, its the low period and everything's pretty much toned down and all. So um yeah, what with being absolutely bored to the core at times with no assignment on hand, I read (thank God for e-books, hallelujah). Given that I've just, and finally, finished Fifty (I prefer naming it Kinky) Shades, it is time to move on to some new material. Less of moaning conversations and on to the real deal in literature.

So back to the topic on hand, I chose this book as my next read: Memoirs of A Gangster's Daughter
Expectantly, the book covers a great deal of the author, Shoko Tendo, and her living life and hell. Drugs, violence, sex, etc, you name it you got it. Extremely cringing and shocking content, yet the book speaks much of family, love and sorrow. And I gotta admit, I teared up reading the ending part (imagine my panic at tearing up at work, thank God -again- for office cubicles!). And the ink, well let's just say it would take loads of balls to take up so much, especially for a lady living in a world cultured to be against such acts. Admiration, I'd say.

Oh, and did I mention that I finished this book within just one afternoon?

And at work.

Uh huh, like a boss.

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