Monday, 7 January 2013


resolutions anyway

Yeah, so the new year has started and everyone's back to work. Yawn. Not surprisingly, I'm still bored as always (like I said, attention span has never been my forte) and still brooding over my recent holiday. Now that I've pretty much sobered up with the help of more sleep, the post holiday blues are indeed starting to kick in. Today, the weather is about (or already has as I type this) to hit the ultimate of 35 degrees here. Wow, now I almost wish I could be back in the blistering cold in Japan. Yeah yeah, life never satisfies. Anyway, back to my purpose of this post today - resolutions. So we do this list every year and somehow attempt to stick to it till year end comes again and we think about what's been achieved, and what's failed. At times we also forget about it altogether, and the next year comes up with another useless set of points anyway. Yup, been there done that. But I will say that I managed to remember the few pointers I set last year. And this year no less I will set another similarly few just to join in the fun bandwagon.

#1 - Work out more habitually, snack less regularly. I'm quite sure possibly everyone has this on their list year to year with the majority failing to stick to it. Its practically the hardest thing to do, duh! Well, for me too. I've lost some weight and gained some, the bitch hormones in me can't seem to make up their minds you see. But still, I try my best to work out as much as possible. By working out, it means just swimming for me. I thank the blessings for a public pool 5 minutes away from home, hence able to swim most days after work when it suits me. The reason for not choosing a gym, however much I'd like to bump into 'hot' sweaty men, I'm just too lazy to even bother traveling to one. The nearest one to me is a few stations away, and I regard that too much a hassle, so swimming will do for me just fine. When I started out, it used to be 3-4 times a week, but now it cuts to 1-3 times a week. Excuses excuses they may be, but I admit I'm slacking out, and I sure do hope to pick up my pace and determination again this year. At the start of my new job half a year ago, I didn't own a single snack at my desk. But to date, more are stacking up given by friends and colleagues over time. Ugh, temptation kills they say, and I am a weakling. If only we were kids again, with lollipops sticking out and chocolate smudging our mouths, without a care in the world eh?

#2 - Earn more money, save even more. I can't really do anything about my paycheck unless my efforts show and the company thrives. As much as I complain about boredom at work, I take my shit seriously and work at my best in hopes of success and of course, moolah in the bank. New plans have been set for me, and I wish for a smooth journey through. I aim for a new bag each year and the novelty hasn't run off me either, and I'll see what's up for takes. Saving money has been both a plus and weakness of mine. I try hard to achieve the digits, yet my love of bags cost an arm or leg too. So which way to go? I shall aim for both.

#3 - Travels. I never took this seriously till I embarked on my first few travels with friends back then. Be it sightseeing or shopping, its been countless pleasurable experiences and I sure do crave for more. I bought my camera for the purpose of capturing travel moments, so I've got to make that money spent worth. But travel never comes cheap, so linking back to #2, I'll definitely need to save more to accomplish this.

#4 - Read more. I used to read a lot. I love reading. I got into the habit since young when I became interested in unfamiliar words and wanted to know and learn about them. I thank reading for keeping my English at levels and over time improving it. Recently, I've cut down on it due to another set of lame excuses. This round, I wish that the bookworm in me stays put more often.

#5 - Blog as often as I can. We probably all used to own a blog back in the day. For all that odd bitching, moaning and whining about boys, life, school and parents. No different from me, but I've long moved on from there. Last year, I decided to start a blog again, just to document the random bits in life and travels. Very often I get lazy (no surprise there) and there will be periods of hiatus, but I'll try my best to write more on this space. Memories as they be in our heads, you won't know what's to happen any day and at times you just want to sit down and reminisce a bit. And here, will be that space for me.

#6 - Be nicer to people. I'm naturally a snarky bitch, that's why. Period.

So then, let's just have a good one this year eh?

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