Wednesday, 2 October 2013



Soooooooo I'm back for a post. And guess what? I've finally chopped my locks! Ah yes, something new is always worth a mention. Change, what better way to start with a new hairdo? After  so many years of growing out my hair (it really takes ages), it suddenly hit me to be bored of it one day and decide for a cut. And not just saying a few inches here dude, I mean the whole done deal. Growing up, I've always been really hair-conscious if you could call it that. As a kid I used to hate my hair so much I would actually cut bits of it which displeased me, impulsively. Of course, nothing good came out of it and my hair was quite in the state of mess back then. I've gone from the poof-iest short hair to obsessively straightened  locks to bowl cut bobs. Today, I've learnt my lesson hard enough to not kid around with it since hair could practically make or break a look. So I've gone safe over the years with medium to long hair, stuck to my usual wavy-ish mussed up ways. Take a look at my narcissistic (good hair day btw) self below.

Getting hair that long does not come easy for me. Somehow my hair takes eons to grow, and this length above was about a year's worth of growth. I last cut my hair late last year and never touched it since. Just last month upon browsing my usual fashion and style sites, I got so stuck on Karlie Kloss' recent bob cut, along with my recent obsession with Miroslava Duma's hair, it just sorta stuck to me that I had to have a haircut too. And not even a slight trim, but a drastic cut instead. So here's the new me down below again, all mighty fierce and fresh from the salon. I did it. I really did it. Patting myself on the back, I took a step to do something that I'm usually fearful of. Yes, even if it's just hair. And I can feel the breeze on my neck without needing to tie my hair. Ah bliss. Next on my list, getting some tongs to have some fun with my new bob. I'm ready for some fun.

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