Monday, 27 January 2014


Travel Diary: 台灣日記

And I'm finally done with my photos from Taiwan. Be warned, major food porn alert. Naturally the land of night markets and greasy food calls for all that jazz. Suffering from some writer's block here so I'll let the pictures tell the story. 

That's it. My celebration to the end of 2013 and the welcoming of 2014. Pretty awesome I shall say, what with traveling over the new years fast becoming a favorite thing to do. Taiwan has been welcoming, cool (weather), fattening but nonetheless heartening. Though I admit it may not be soon that I'd want to head back. Much more interesting places await.

Off to the Lunar New Years, this year round I've decided to finally pop back to the kampong for a visit. I haven't been back in years, so I guess it is time. There won't be any internet available for me so it's gonna be interesting to see how I survive the trip, but challenge accepted. A little cheating though, cause I'm trying to upload as many Running Man episodes on the iPad mini for on the go entertainment hehe. I'm bringing my camera along too just to see if there are worthy shots to be taken. It's gonna be pretty chill and I look forward to checking out my countryside hometown again. Till then guys, happy new year whoopwhoop!

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