Thursday, 16 May 2013


and the rest of the world.

I never thought much of travels before, happy enough to experience the beauties through a flick of a page. But ever since I started, it caught my heart. I've always been that curious kid, that secretly history junkie; I've always like learning new things; and I've always sought for that amazing spark that wondrous things do to you. Travels never cease to amaze me. We see so much beauty now through pictures, are they really so in real life? Or better? How is like for people on the other side? What is life to them? Cultures are always such eye-opening experiences, one that I never really get sick of knowing and experiencing. What are the places that are yet undiscovered? Whatever it is, I'd like to be there to see it for myself. There's just so much. So much to see, so much to touch, so much more to imprint in this small memory space of ours.

My head is usually full of thoughts. Random, thoughtful, or even the questionable. More than often it wanders off to a world of its own. If only traveling was that easy too, or transporting via Floo Powder or a Porter Key was ever possible. I haven't been to many places yet, but blessed enough to have seen a few. If safety issues were never much a concern, I'd be happy to bump off somewhere alone. I even wish to see home in Canada where I once came from as a child. I often question myself, when is it my turn? When can I go? Time is running fast, and so much to do. And sometimes for a quiet moment I wish there was that someone special to bring those memories home with. But I'm impatient. And I want to see more as soon as possible. I don't like waiting, never have. So we go back to thinking about it. Full of thoughts.

There are so many places that I would love to visit. Rome, New York, Amsterdam, Athens, Prague, Barcelona, Rio de Janeiro,  Saint Petersburg, Santorini.... just to name a few as my mind whirls in speed. 

Perhaps it'll be a dream for tonight. To dream of a world of a lifetime.

Till then.

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