Sunday, 28 July 2013


preen prints

Shirt - Online // Skirt - BKK
Loafer flats - Forever 21 // Watch - Michael Kors

TGIF. Fridays are always dress-down days, feel free to bring out the prints! Haven't been feeling inspired lately, not to mention lazy, so my dressing up days are slowly ebbing away. The rest of the week I pretty much stick to my usual semi-formal form, repeating most outfits since I wake up every morning groggy and impossibly grumpy to give two hoots about a full runway show.

I got the Zara-inspired skirt at Platinum Mall after pondering for ages (it cost me 400 baht so you can surely understand my hesitation there). Denim shirt has been literally worn to death by me, it really is one of my favorite go-tos for any outfit. Shoes that are pretty yet bring out the pain in me, never once have I yet to survive these pair without band-aids. Prints on prints, blue on blue. I'm liking it.


Oh and just to randomly mention, caught The Wolverine last night and it was awesome. I'm naturally always biased when it comes to hot men, but the show was pretty good aside some minor bummers. Finally a superhero fighting it out in another country other than USA and destroying the usual Trump Towers in NYC. Japan!! The Zojoji scene just left me excited with glee all over again, having just been there last Winter (still suffering from post-Japan withdrawals, evidently. I need to go back!!). And totally digging the mix of the Samurai and Yakuza into the storyline. I've always been into the Japanese cultures. DOPE. Oh, and basically I just love X-Men movies. What can I say? Hugh Jackman, Wolverine, Logan, whatever - I LOVE. (yes Tony Stark, love you too) Okay knees quivering from excitement again, bye now.

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