Thursday, 3 January 2013


we say hello to another day

Hello 2013. You've come so soon. In another instance, another year has gone by in a whim. And already I'm back home from my Japan escapade (updates soon, let's hope). Time is flying, but I want to stay forever young. Hitting the mid-20s is quite the frightening bit, and growing up too fast doesn't seem so fun anymore. And how different does each year's passing mark a brand new start, when beginnings, achievements and promises can be made at any point in time? Ah, food for thought indeed. I set out with a new year resolution each time with some mindless purposes in life. A new piercing, some new ink, a new job, a new boytoy (I kid). Its pretty hard when you don't know what's set for you, and especially worse for me when I have the shortest attention span and being the worst procrastinator. New beginnings await, new challenges to be accepted, and new travels to wander and explore. I've yet to see and learn so much more, but time is not waiting by, how to catch up? We always want the best, oui? I crave for the best too, but we shall see. Life and its twists.

Some reflections on the past year-

Work. Leaving my first real job for another. No one likes going through interviews, and I had my fair share of intensely nerve-wrecking moments. I'm glad to have found my current (for now) albeit the bumps along and ahead of me.  But the most important, having met some of the best people in the latter. I've always felt blessed to have met the best people from work, of whom I've stayed as friends long after I've left. Friendship is dear, and for that I am thankful of.

Friendship. I speak of this on a separate note, as I too have seen through the importance and fragility of friendship during this past year. I've made new friends, we've had our ups and downs, and some have long faded into the past. I may not have noticed this back then when I was in a relationship, but I do see now how much a relationship does harm to friendship. Best friends have drifted off to their own worlds, and words no longer spoken. Such trivial issues that spread so wide. It saddens me and disappoints to see such truths, but true. Awkward moments caused by unforeseen circumstances, but I hope they will come through.

Wanderlust. I will do a full update on my recent trip, but before I do I must profess my deep love for Japan. The country, full of humbleness, courtesy and grace - of which will forever stay in my mind. This year I made a trip to a place I've never been before,  and one of which I yearn to return soon. And as the humble slogan says- Japan, thank you.

Self. I left a relationship in the previous year and learnt a lot. I lost necessary weight, exercised to stay fit and slim. I still do, and its been a pleasurable habit of mine. I inked myself, thrice. And I managed through the pain easily which I'm proud of. To do things you've wanted to do so many times but never had the guts to, says a lot regardless what it is. Its the achievement that counts. I got my very first Chanel since fawning at the age of 14, and ten years later I finally earned my own. I saved money too. I don't give a shit about people judging me for not giving my mom money from my paycheck. I was never into traditions anyway, so spare me the judgmental bullshit. I buy my own stuff, sell my own stuff, and buy stuff for my family too. This year, I hope to earn more and save more. Wanderlust is my top priority, and if friends (attached or unattached) won't join me on the journey, I jolly will do so on my own. I've come to love the feeling of doing things alone (well, not everything) and the liberation that comes with it. Singledom has done me good, so lets keep it this way for now shall we. I'm never a fan to jump on the same bandwagon as everyone else, so lets leave the couple talk someday later. I've much more to achieve. Braces, something which hadn't crossed my mind till late last year and plunging into decisiveness to go ahead with them despite half the nation protesting against them. A costly set of teeth I have, but all for the better future. My point is, do what you do, and nothing else matters.

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