Wednesday, 23 January 2013


hello hello

Hi, hello. Its been a while. I've been lazy. And I'm bored right now. Can't believe the first month is already coming to an end. What's new? Nothing much. Nothing ever is. Sulk. Pout.

Ah yes, pictures from Japan. They'll be up pretty soon. Editing has been one hell of a bitch cause there are just too many, but yeah I know its my fault. I'm a perfectionist when I really could just post the whole lot up just like that (cringe). Anyway, just so you know.

Bali next week. Can't wait for a new trip and some laid back chillin'. Haven't been in a good mood these days and I'm cutting down on food cause I just don't feel hungry. Late nights cause Dr Phil is too darn addictive. Work is annoying dealing with annoying morons doing annoying stuff. A one night JB work trip is set for next week, right before I fly for Bali. I'm stuck with the office outcast. Gee, fun.

I really need some coffee right now.

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