Tuesday, 13 November 2012


we're talking hair business

Much has been said about the glorious spread on my head. Many have commented on the messiness yet perfect waviness to my hair, and again I thank you all. Just so you know, I wasn't exactly blessed with such curls/waves whatever you'd like to call them, from the start, and I kid you not when I say that I have indeed gone through the phase of horrid hair with such similarities to an African coconut it bordered to the case of ungodly sights. The horror (shudders). Anyway moving on, having been such a vain nuisance since younger days, I took on the task of perfecting that head of hair. I mean, the mane is practically one's own safety net, oui?

Long gone since the days we kids were all so into that straight hair trend. The straighter the better, back then it was, with our combs sticking out of pockets being the coolest shit ever and guys with their McDonald's (not Ronald's fire red hair, we're talking about the 'M' hair shape here) hairstyles flooding the streets. Ah, the horrific trendy days. Nowadays, I'd prefer the let-loose-and-go way, no combs no brushes, and just a smack of oil to smooth out those tresses. As you would notice, I prefer my mane messed up with as much volume possible, that's the way to go. Sleeping with my hair tied helps too. Then we come to the part of prefect lengths. I don't recall ever having the waist length type of hair, nor could I imagine myself with such Barbie-doll likes, so mine's always cut at some point when I get too bored of it. The picture above I would say, is my perfect hair length as of yet. which comes and goes as quickly with me either snipping it a tad too short, or it growing out way too soon. Gah, hair woes. All I would say, hair is no easy matter (not to mention expensive business too) and with that I end this post while I sulk about today's lanky hair situation. Perfect hair length and mess, I do hope to see you again soon.

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