Sunday, 11 November 2012



Can't believe that its already mid-way through November already. Just seemed like yesterday was just January hitting on February. Time is flying by incredibly fast. Not much has changed, but the change has been pretty good too. There's so much to learn, so much to see, so much to try, and so much more to achieve. I set out this year with a few things on my resolutions list, albeit some quite irrelevant and silly, I'm glad to have achieved some of them. I mean c'mon, every girl needs to have Chanel on their resolutions list, no? Definitely more to accomplish in the near future. I cut myself a proper break since last year after the longest relationship, and indeed it feels pretty damn great. Independence after so long has been such a breather which I'll gladly embrace anytime now, at the same time making me realize how I used to be in contrast as to how my friends are now. Pity, but oh well. I don't mind doing things alone anymore, in fact the thought of peace and being able to make my own decisions are all the more liberating. Reading alone at some cafe seems like one of the best ideas these days. Invisibility is one of those pure bliss moments at times like these. Of course, having constantly hearing friends about weddings, houses and babies may cause the swift awkward moments when you have absolutely nothing in common nor contribution to the topic, but right now it's hardly on the agenda, so we'll leave that to some other time shall we? Indeed, singleton has done me my fair share of good and I hope to cherish it as long as it lasts. Travel, something I never really put to mind previously but has now become my utmost number 1 wanted list. I hope to travel alone to somewhere, someday. I want to see the world, live the life, and embark on that new adventure. Hopefully, that someday will be soon.

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