Sunday, 23 September 2012


darkened edge

So it seems like there's a curse on me gifted from Phuket. The second trip over, and I am back sick yet another round with a high fever, sore throat and nausea whatnots. What is up with that? So my weekend was pretty much spent at home recuperating as much as possible, though hardly enough it seems since I'm still as nauseous as preggers as I type all of these rants. Oh yes, and I made an effort to try editing the whole bunch of photos from the trip. No such luck, there are shitloads of them and I'm anal about quality, so no I'm not done with them yet. I hate having to edit photos yet I hate bad quality photos even more. Life and perfection's both a bitch team. Oh let's see, fourteen days in Japan, mm I already foresee a neverending stock of pictures and dreading the task. And I haven't even stepped past the borders yet.

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