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the other sex

Prior to this post we spoke about single statuses and relationships yada yada. The initial idea was to get that post done and over with, and move on. Well seems like the plan failed and it set me into another motion of thinking, again. Thinking, always thinking the cycle never ends. Which is why I'm secretly typing this up while at work while my mind's still fresh on high. And since I'm punching them letters now might as well get over it. Let's start.

So friends and family constantly ask and badger me about my lack of a partner in life. Having been in a previous long relationship of six years back then may have set the idea in them that it was meant to be. It was not, and its been a while not being back in the game. And with age (!!) catching up, you get the gist right? So it ultimately comes down to the conclusion (or speculation if you would call it) that I have too high standards, too choosy for my own good, etc. Why me?! In my defense, I don't see them male species flocking around really so I don't get the fault issue here either. Not to be cynical, but seems like all the good ones have already been snapped up? Let's be real, we all have that ideal Prince Charming from the woods, but in reality they either don't exist or they're already snagged by some other lucky bitch. Boohoo. Which leads us back to the standard question that follows after - what sort of guys do you go for?

umm H A W T-ness overload (!!!)

I kid. You wish.

Swing it around me then. Um, let's just say I could tell you the list of qualities one should have (not in general, but IMO just saying), but we all know that sort of bull-list-shit doesn't really work. Nor do we walk around with mental checklists in our heads while eyeing up potential preys. What happens, happens, fin. I don't even know what sort of 'type' I would go for as I would choose between Givenchy or Stella McCartney. Okay but I guess we all have those certain few desired characteristics that do appeal to our hearts. Let's be honest, who doesn't love a hunk to begin with? Just superficiality of life, it works for me too. Nothing appeals more than a fine jaw, piercing eyes and a fine set of teeth. Well maybe not just that. Oh, and some height would help, cause God help me I'm small enough myself. Personally, I love a little scruff on them boys, or maybe I watch too much Hollywood on CBS and CW Network. Fan-girling is always just up my alley, you don't want to get me started. Oooooookay so superficial assets aside, what else makes the cake (yum)?

Faith - What is the world without faithless men? One too many really. I personally abhor the likes of them, so naturally this point comes first in line. If this trait does not exist in one, its a deal breaker already and nothing else counts. Do not even think about it. Ever.

Chemistry - Hm, tough one. But vital nonetheless. Not easy to achieve, personally, but then again I don't really know. A similar wavelength, common interest and topics to joke/ponder about, etc. Let's be honest - basically someone who can talk and not make me roll my eyes about. A surge of 'butterflies in stomach' as they say? Do people really get that for real?

Intelligence - Nothing speaks louder about a person than personality. You could look like shit and still be charming at the same time, and for that you could still be the luckiest dude on earth. Intelligence we speak here of includes both EQ and IQ. You don't have to be the smartest kid on the block (I'm not that smart either), but knowledge is key. No need for high qualifications or dozen of certificates, what speaks the mind probably sounds more interesting anyway. A great command of English never fails to rock my socks either. EQ is about knowing who, what, how in times of when and where. If that makes sense.

Drive - No rich kids needed. That's just pure sheer luck IMO really. Instead of being handed the goods, why not work hard for it? Like I said, never settle for anything less. Not talking about working to gain the riches or materials in life, but rather setting realistic goals and working towards them. Basically, don't be a  B U M it's that simple. Honestly even declaring a diet and actually sticking by it counts for something.

Confidence - Just being comfortable in yourself, so the chicken in me sometimes would have that support to count on myself. No need for arrogance, that's the fine line there. I know that I tend to be riding that high horse myself sometimes, so challenge me with a debate of fun proves the sexiness I need. Purr.

Style - Tied in with the former, style exudes confidence. I love fashion (way) too much to not have a similar partner in tow. No need for the full gear of get ups really, we're just talking about a l'il spruce up here. No Chinese sport shoes (God forbid) of that sort please, I might just faint from horror.

Curiosity - Curiosity for knowledge is one cause I'm always curious. Documentaries are my secret loves. Or you could put it as being adventurous too, it could run both ways. I myself am not the sort, in fact I'm pretty much a pussy at heart. I want to try new things, but most times 'want' loses out to my dear ol' friend 'procrastination' or 'fear'. Give me someone to pull me out of that comfort zone. Dare I bungy jump, backpack through the streets of India, or just quit my job to go travel for a month? Try me.
(pic sources: Google & various tumblrs)

More words than sense? Mm. So this it. The overall, the gist, the basics. Of course, a l'il romance doesn't hurt since we girls just looooove (even if we say we don't) us some nitty gritty gestures. Are they too much to ask? Perhaps it really does sound like that draw up of a Prince Charming IDK but whatever. Just saying y'know. So mom, if you ever feel the need to ask again, please read this and you'll understand why I'm still single.

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