Sunday, 30 June 2013


a week in a gist

Last week I met up with the best friend Kim for dinner. A post birthday meal for her, which didn't turn out too good. Have never tried Bangkok Jam before, but I'd heard of good reviews. My past love used to be Thai Express (yes, I'm pretty easy to please with food regardless). And my second favorite food after Japanese food is Thai. Given my bad throat luck in Bangkok recently, we decided to try out this new branch at Jem the other day. What a bad idea. The queue was massive long and the service was, simply put atrocious. I can never stand for sloppy wear in general, much less in service. There was this dude who's attire was such a turn off I was honestly almost scared for him to serve us. What if he picked him bum and all that? Um eww. We ordered three dishes, of which unfortunately for them they chose to serve mine the last which took the longest. Obviously they forgot my order, cause later guests were getting served before me. My Phad Thai took a whole half hour and four calls before it was finally served. Mr Flop Guy also ignored my check-my-order request and just continued on clearing his table while I stared daggers at him. Not cool. I made sure to complain about the shit head and demanded no service charge to be included. I really should've ask for further discount, lucky for them I couldn't bother anymore. I wouldn't say food's bad though, it was pretty good in fact, but the damper set by the service staff would not make me want to head there anytime soon. Or at least till they switch a whole new team.

Friday night drinks with Tristan. Dude was just back again from Australia on semester break, and as usual we always hit the pubs whenever he's back. Catching up is always fun. Really glad I made this friend (thanks to the ex-boyfriend) and managed to keep in contact even after the 'saga'. As always, I never fail to badger him in making time to bring me around Oz soon. I thrive on attaining free tour guides heh. Dude's heading to Europe next week to backpack for three whole weeks! I'm extremely jealous you cannot imagine!! Urgh the joys of being male and being able to travel alone, or maybe I'm just too scared myself. Next year. Next year I must head to somewhere further.

And beforeI end off abruptly, check out my new picture frame that I mentioned from last week. Now how pretty is that man. Naturally, I'm no girly girl and pink is definitely not my choice of color, but somehow it was chosen back then as my room color, so that explains the pink walls. But doesn't the frame just look swell with it? Always been into decorating my room, and with this it's just another new step. Best memories framed up, mom and dad, my travels, and mom with the sister and I. I actually have tons more, but as you can tell my side cupboard is also filling up fast. Time for more frames. And I can't wait to gather more memories from around the world.

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