Monday, 24 June 2013


weekend wind down

It's funny how I'm choosing to update my posts backwards, Sunday before Saturday. Ah well that's because there're too many pictures from Saturday it'll take a while, so let's just be done with the easy ones first shall we?

Yesterday was brunch with my 'Challenger' mate Jack. A friend with car naturally calls for somewhere different (in other words not as accessible for me to bother with in the usual case). Took a chance with Five & Dime. I've read, seen and heard of the place from Instagram and blogs, as and with most other trending brunch cafes on the island. I can't be bothered with too many pictures on the interiors, all I take is food as you can tell. My choice was the Mentaiko Pasta and an Iced Cafe Mocha, which is surprising since I was set on ordering another typical, Eggs Benny. The mocha was rather horrid and bitter though. Thank goodness the pasta was the bomb-diggity (abso-fucking-lutely LOVE anything mentaiko). Sadly, I wouldn't say portions are big there, which would deter me from heading there again. But still, pretty cool place to chill, and the storefront looks so rad I love it. Gimme larger portions and I'd be back. I'm a hungry girl to please.

Moved on to The Fabulous Baker Boy for some desserts. Shared a slice of Green Tea cake, which was way too heavy and flimsy in my opinion. The cake could hardly stay together after sliced through twice, and the cream left this buttery aftertaste which made me feel like a down-ed a can of whipped cream. There goes my diet, thank you very much.

Caught a movie after. Woohoo, finally. Haven't been watching them in cinemas of late, missing out too much.  I kinda love the surround sounds in cinemas, and the booms and bams. Always a fascination with magic, we chose 'Now You See Me'. Definitely an interesting one to catch, and a smart twist to it. I love how convincingly cocky Jesse Eisenberg (don;t you just love how cool Eisenberg sounds) is in all of his movies, and the way he talks is as fast as Busta Rhymes can rap. Like whoa. Realized that Jack Wilder in the movie turns out to be Dave Franco (James Franco's brother), and he looks pretty hot in the show. It's always important to check out the hot stuff first for a movie to keep me going. The funniest thing was when my friend and I could only constantly refer Dylan Rhodes (Mark Ruffalo) as The Hulk and Arthur Tressler (Michael Caine) as Albert (the butler from Batman). The names just stick to you like that. Great movie anyway, I might just search for it online to watch it again. Which again reminds me to get me that Ipad Mini.

Next up, Man of Steel. Mm Henry Cavill...yum.

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