Thursday, 20 June 2013


clouded judgement

As the pun in my title suggests, the Sumatra fires have striked again. And this time round with the hardest vengeance with PSI readings at the highest ever of 371 yesterday. Holy hell. Everywhere is clouded with smoke, and basically everything that's anything just stinks real bad. I could do without washing my hair like this, given it stinks after just five minutes. And I can really almost feel that 20-year hidden asthma attack acting up anytime soon with this, and I am not even kidding. Suffocation has never felt this bad, literally. Right now Bangkok air feels like the freshest meadows in comparison, and I'd give anything to be back there right now. And apparently people are thinking of stocking up for war now, what with masks flying off shelves faster than you could say go. Sellers taking the opportunity to raise prices more than double the usual. And even stores have run out of air purifiers to sell. I mean, seriously people? Talk about drama.

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