Thursday, 13 June 2013


post holiday blues


I am back from my holiday. Sadly. I could really do with one more. Or let's just say more.

Bangkok was awesome. And dirty. And blistering hot. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to capture much on my camera - firstly, cause I was either busy shopping, paying or carrying shit; secondly, the weather was too darn glaringly hot for me to bother much and I was constantly wiping sweat off myself; and lastly, this was basically a shopper's scavenger hunt, so there's really nothing interesting in mountains of clothes. On the bright side, I did manage to take a lot of food pictures though. Y'all know me and my food picture-taking habits. I'm Singaporean after all. #foodporn -snorts- We stayed at Glow Pratunam Hotel by the way, some new hotel opposite the streets of Platinum Mall. I love Bangkok hotels, such huge rooms. Mine at Glow was probably three times the size of Shinjuku Prince Hotel in Tokyo. Man, I heart big rooms and comfy sheets.

Anyway, I hadn't shopped that much for myself, instead I think my family'd gotten more out of it! Like I mentioned before, not much for the fashion there, but I did grab a few things here and there, just cause they were pretty cheap indeed. But prices have definitely risen there, and the shop sellers are less inclined with further negotiations. Thankfully I had my best girl K around to cover the 'buy 2 get more discount' dilemma. Though my 500 bucks budget didn't exactly cover all, and I had to top up another 50 bucks in desperation for my last few meals. Speaking of meals, I think we ate considerably loads (well, for me 3 full meals are pretty heavy weight). And the food can be pretty oily, yikes. I really hope no one comments on my weight. Sadly, due to lack of time we had to miss out a few places that I'd planned to try! -sulks- And most annoyingly, I had one of the worst bad throats during my trip, so regretfully I couldn't take in as much as I would have wanted. Worse still, Bangkok food is pretty much spicy all round, and I LOVE my spicy food. Turns out there's a major ulcer stuck on the top side of my tonsils, which I realized on day three due to unbearable pain while eating (um, specifically tom yam). And I'm still stuck with it till the medicines kick in and heal it (seriously WTF dude). Ugh. I'm definitely heading back to try out the rest of the good lot. I'm missing the food already. Pictures soon and you'll see why.

 And now, back to working out. Boo.

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