Wednesday, 13 February 2013


日本情人 (Part I)

So its been a long time, no prize in guessing that I've been tremendously lazy. Yawn. The Lunar New Year has come and soon gone, the family gone back to the country hometown, and I've stayed back to be cooped up at home on the same lazing rituals. The past nights have been extremely late nights spent on midnight movies - one at the cinemas, and two at the friend's while everybody (sans myself) gambled their treasures away. The holidays yet again gone so soon. And did I mention Bali's already over? Back to work tomorrow. Double yawn. I need another holiday already, pronto.

Well anyway, so the pictures from my Japan trip are finally done. Took me long enough. Here's just to share the few lot of day 1 and 2. Like I said countless times, Japan is the experience to live through. The place is utterly gorgeous, and the people could not be any friendlier and nicer. A country of great technology and endless beauty. Not to mention, I love their toilets. Absolute love. And the Japanese have the best restroom manners, no kidding. Food is fantastic, and yes I ate a whole goddamn lot of it. The blistering cold was an unease though, and I can never get used to wearing ugly spongy clothes, so I freezed my ass off most of the time. Woes of vanity and fashion.


There you go then. Day 1 and 2 in a whim. Touched down at Haneda Int'l Airport close to last hours of the subway trains. Oh the first touch of (freezing) Japanese air! Is it just me or is the air there in fact fresher too? Everything just seems fresher on Japanese soil anyway. Tiny but cozy hotel rooms, toilets with incredible usage features. Though lugging heavy weight about the place is no easy challenge with the lack of escalators, lifts and sense of direction. Hungry from the lack of meals on board, we set off on our very first meal in Japan, and no other but ramen. No kidding, even you would think food tastes better in Japan, albeit in truth just mediocre. A hot bowl of noodles in broth could seriously do you wonders in the winter season. So so comforting, so so good. And with funny self-serve ticketing machines to match. Day 2 was off to the land of cutesy and kids, Disneysea. The inner-child in me struck out again. Bless these kids, I want to be a damn kid again too. And the Japanese kids are so well dressed, another absolute love. My future kids will be dressed like these coolios. Another round of ramen for dinner, followed by the best cinnamon rolls, ever. Thinking about them makes me tear with longing. And note the onigiri just before the ramen? Yes, I had that as well, all in a span of those few short hours. Too good. Burp.

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