Sunday, 24 February 2013


日本情人 (Part III)

Day five. Last of the first leg in Tokyo. Check out the arrays of truffles and desserts, and endless display of beauty. The Japanese are simply amazing at such fine art, period. Towering skyscrapers and more fantastic foodporn. I swear that Ichiran has got to be the best ramen ever. We had it a total of three times, and I don't even think it was enough. I bloody miss Ichiran the most right now.

Day six. Off to Kyoto day one. A more pleasantly slow paced region and calming scenery. It was probably the coldest for us too. I was shivering throughout the whole journey. Way too cold. Not to mention we were so lucky enough to capture Mount Fuji on the way to Kyoto, with no clouds and no fog, it was really at the best moment. Breathtaking, I was happy with glee. Asahi beer to calm those chilly nerves and a generous bento spread for the journey to go. The bullet trains cost a bomb in Japan, but so efficiently fast. The journey from Tokyo to Kyoto took close to three hours, but it really felt way shorter than that. I almost didn't want to get off the train cause I was so comfy in my seat with warmth. More temple sights and the typical sightseeing. We shared a room at this cool ryokan, and I swear the futons are the comfiest shit ever. I really wish I could've smuggled them home. I really do. 

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