Tuesday, 19 February 2013


日本情人 (Part II)

Day Three. Waking up at the brink of dawn was no joke. I truly swear the heavy eyebags kicked in from there onwards. So we awoke at 4 in the morning (intended at 3 but evidently all slept through) for the early doze of fresh sushi at Tsujiki. It took a great three hours of waiting in the rain and bitterly cold conditions to attain the holy grail of fresh seafood. I felt like I was gonna die, really. But thankfully, the sushi more than made up for the long wait (and come on, I can barely stand waiting for anything). The sushi was the best I've ever had. So fresh, so soooo good. Even for someone who can hardly tell the exquisite from mediocre, I knew this was good stuff. The rest was history.

Day four. A day of continuous food and walking. First off to the imperial palace for the Emperor's birthday celebration (I make it sound like he's my bro or something..) with a sea of people and endless cheers. The patriotism of the Japanese is indeed very endearing. Plenty of cute kids in tow too, which I endlessly gushed about. Next up was Akihabara, the streets of manga fans and creepy dudes. A whole street blocked off for pedestrians, how cool is that. Singapore could do with that too, way too many cars on the roads. More upcoming food galore. The best of the best. I shan't talk about it cause I'm really hungry right now and pinning for some. Ah Japanese food how I love thou.

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