Tuesday, 20 May 2014


Post Seoul-o Trip Thoughts

And I am officially back from my trip guysssss. My first ever solo (Seoul-o, get it? Perfect pun ever.) trip, in fact. I'm pretty much still in my holiday mood as I mourn through the work week which has begun ever so grudgingly. Time really flies doesn't it, as I recall that it was just a while ago (late last year actually) that I decided upon embarking a lonesome holiday to somewhere, booked my tickets, and so recently still scrutinizing over the 'perfect' details as I tried to complete my itinerary as the travel dates loomed near. And all at once, it's ended already so soon. Too soon.

Before I pursue the whole lowdown of my trip and all them fanciful pictures, I thought it wise to pen down some thoughts about it before I (because I know I typically would) get too lazy about it.

Some friends/colleagues/family, naturally, have questioned me on my decision to travel alone. And typically in the past, I would never have thought of doing such a thing myself. I might say that the decision came at a spur of moment, having read one too many Thought Catalog inspirations. Additionally it's been increasingly frustrating organizing travel plans with friends, with multiple excuses 1) no money 2) no time 3) no interest 4) boyfriend, etc which to be honest was no less an annoyance. Now I'm not saying that everyone should follow my thoughts for everyone has their own opinions and agenda, but it wasn't going to be my excuse not to move forward myself. Back then when I was all puppy-loved up and obsessed with designer bags, I used to think that traveling was a waste of money. Now, with a different mindset but no less love for bags, I love traveling more than ever. Just to point out that I'm no rich kid nor am I paid a handsome salary for a honestly boring job, but I do save for things that I want, and those include bags (well, lesser these days) and more importantly, travel. It was either to pathetically wait for someone as company, or go ahead myself. I chose the latter just cause I'm impatient like that. So there you go, a simple reason for a simple decision.

Next up, my choice of destination and why. Let's see, 1) Seoul is incredibly safe 2) it was still a first trip alone so it was a good place to start with 3) a new place is still a new place and always worth a visit, duh.

When it came to the planning, I was pretty anal about it I'm not gonna lie. I guess my previous trips to Japan and Taiwan sort of trained me into it, having been precise in every detail down to the very minute. I was out on 'perfectionist' (or to put it bluntly, 'kiasee' as Singaporeans call it) mode once again and made a shitload of notes and details. Which ultimately I learned, wasn't all that necessary after all. Being a solo trip, it was a trip for myself and no other. In the end, I did end up ditching some of my initial plans and changed my routes to suit my pace. Reasons being, 1) I got tired and lazy 2) I loved my room and rooftop so much I spent way too much time dragging time than heading out 3) I just wanted to do what I wanted to do rather than following where to go/what needed to be done. I did go to most of the places I had initially planned for, but ditched the few left for next time perhaps. Instead, I chose to spend more time walking along narrow streets and sitting at cafes people watching (and watching videos on my mini). I headed back early almost every night too, just to relax at the rooftop which honestly was the best part of my whole trip. I really wish I could've brought it home with me.

I made some friends during my trip though. I initially considered a hostel for the sake of making friends with strangers but ended up booting the idea for comfort. So I chose a single room instead. I love having my own space, and while I don't seek luxury in my accommodations, I do ask for comfort after a long day out and about. And that was possibly one of the best choices I made cause my stay was almost perfect. Funnily enough, I actually bumped into my dentist (of all people) along the streets during one of the days. Aside that, I met some others interesting, some friendly, and some rude-as-hell people during my trip. Interesting, as is the learning experience that comes along with it.

It's been a liberating experience to travel alone, and I wouldn't hesitate to try it again. Till the next one.

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