Sunday, 7 April 2013


mental checklist

So surprisingly I'm pretty damn excited about Bangkok this coming June. I'm usually not all that hyper about places I've been to, unless left with extraordinary memories. It could also possibly be that I finally have something on this year again, woohoooo (Taiwan this year end)! It would be my second trip there, after what, three long years? Memories have faded into a haze since then. It's been so long, and I'm excited to be heading there again after this while. We got our tickets off Zuji (hoping no hiccups there), and finally for once I'm not flying via budget airlines and I'm ecstatic for the change. All this while I've been planning what to do there that I've yet to try. I'm not really the sort who digs all that Bangkok fashion, but I dare say the place has its hidden gems there if you bother digging. And just so you know, I actually have a checklist for this upcoming trip. Am I 'kiasu', or am I just 'kiasu'?

☐ Greyhound red velvet waffles - I'm determined to feast on these beauties.
☐ Route66 - I've been dying to check out the scenes, and this is the chance.
☐ Massages - Oh god, I've been dying for them. I'll make sure to do one every single day I don't even care if I'm sore.
☐ Nails - Cheapest shit ever, duh?
☐ Hair - I might just consider some blow drying there. I'd be a queen there, like why not? I need my perfect hair.
☐ Famous Wanton Mee & Chicken Noodle Soup. & more foooooooooooooood.
☐ Coconut ice cream - dudeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, like seriously.
☐ Erawan Shrine - I need all the luck I can get!
☐ Shopping - I usually hate bargaining, but its time I try (I tend be rather bitchy at it, mm). I can't bear to pay much for BKK stuff cause I'm judgmental and a miser like that. And I'll make sure to dig for gold this time round.
☐ Post holiday major diet - ugh for sure, SIGH.

So, are we ready?

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