Wednesday, 27 March 2013



So I've finally gotten round to posting this up, 2 months late. But hey, better late than never they say, eh? Bali for a group of ten, amazing company equals to amazing fun. The ever blazing sun nearly killed me with its heat though, so darn hot. I could say the same for home right now too, makes me wish for the weather back in Japan. Anyway back on topic, Bali was amazing. Second trip there and its still really great. No pictures, but I had my virgin water rafting experience. I was pretty freaked out by it, and you know how much I hate nature with all that icky dirty stuff. But it was pretty mild, and pretty fun if I dare say so. We had to climb down a really steep flight of rocky stairs before we started, and I really could've died climbing the flight back up. My legs were really sore after all that tenuous exercise, but probably all the better since we had so much food there. Best ribs ever at Naughty Nuri's, and really good and cheap Italian at Ultimo's. The only one thing I hated about the trip was probably my room, one of the separate huts. Somehow the air conditioning was pretty weak, and the morning sun was always a killer, so most days I woke up in sweat cause the room was sweltering. Not good. The pool was nice though, way too much fooling around going on. I could really live with that sort of life. And I think it kind of inspired me a lot, which explains my recent purchases of numerous bikinis (speaking of which it still seems like I'm spending way too much again), though god knows when that next trip will be. Lets hope soon.

No more holidays for now. Sulks. So where should I head to for my next trip? You tell me.

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