Monday, 25 March 2013


till next time

It's always sad to see another fellow friend at work go. I pretty much keep to myself a lot at work, so meeting people with common topics seem like a rare chance. Not to mention my company has possibly 90% of the older generation, so there. And honestly, groceries and are hardly my kind of talk so spare me. Ah well, I'm just really waiting for my turn at some point soon too anyway. Le sigh, work life woes.

AND. Check out those ginormous eyebags yo. I sure am lacking in sleep these days. I blame it on YouTube, I'm addicted! I follow quite a whole lot of people and watch them endlessly. I really have nothing better than to do in life. I need more hype. I need more adventure. I need more time. Okay back to work (boo), ta.

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